I feel that the baking world has become obsessed with bacon. I am included in this. I love it. I will eat it sweet or savory. In a float or on a boat. In a car or out of a jar! The best way to eat bacon, besides as is would be in ice cream!! If you make a basic chocolate ice cream recipe and as it is spinning in the last couple minutes you can add your mix in’s. Your “mix in’s” can be anything, cooked, rough chopped bacon, marshmallows, nuts, broken cookies, candy, chocolate chips the possibilities are endless. My favorite combination is bacon, homemade marshmallows and toasted spicy pecans in chocolate ice cream. Bacon Rocky Road.

Where I am working currently we do not make our own ice cream. We do make a lot of cookies and bars though. So tomorrow I am going to be making Bacon Bourbon Pecan Brownies

I am so excited!

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