Bacon Bourbon Pecan Brownie


I made these at my real job today, it was actually a disaster. When we cut the edges off goodies at work we set them on a table for everyone o snack on. Not thinking about the bacon at all I put them out and as I saw my co-worker take her first bite I remembered she is vegetarian. Oh my. I felt so bad. She said she didn’t think she got any but then I told her there was bacon fat all through it. whoops. Besides that incident everyone else said the brownies came out pretty well, the bitter and unsweetened chocolates give it the perfect amount of sweet. Although there could definitely be more Bourbon. This time I did a thin layer of ganache with Maine sea salt sprinkled on which was delicious but a bourbon glaze would be better.
I doubled the recipe to fit it into a standard professional kitchen half-pan, my favorite vessel. Then instead of putting the bacon and pecans on top I put them into my stand mixer with the batter and got them all crushed up in there. I also added a cup of pecans and a couple more tablespoons of bourbon. Oh! I also threw in a teaspoon of chili powder and a teaspoon of smoked paprika, very nice subtle hints!!

Well time for work! Where I get to make super delicious pastries all day!! My job rocks.


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