So december happened. Crazy chocolate land! We made way more then we needed so if anyone wants to hang out and eat about 200 chocolates I am definitely available! However, we did sell all that we needed! We had a large special order that we worked like crazy to fill. Everything went smoothly, we had a slight shipping problem but everything was quickly resolved. Oh my the worst part of this whole month was that we left an open box of chocolates on the counter and my dog ate it! It was terrible! We called the emergency vet and they said to have her drink milk and hydrogen peroxide. She then threw it all up and has seemed fine ever since. So scary!

on another note. I may have eaten too much chocolate. I know I know, hard to believe. But tomorrow I am starting the cliche january 1st diet. yck. I hate diets. I also hate that my wordpress is not auto correcting. I am being distracted by glee and can’t focus on spelling.

okay, glee won me over. sectionals.



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