Chocolates are the best Holiday Gift!

Christmas 2012

16 Piece Box of Truffles $25.

9 Piece Box of Truffles $16.

English Toffee 6oz $8.50

Salted Caramels 6oz $7.50

Peanut Brittle 6oz $6.50

Truffle Flavors

Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Raspberry,
Orange Vanilla Bean, Bourbon Golden Raisin,
Earl Grey Tea, Cinnamon, Espresso, Toasted Coconut,
Spicy Cayenne, Hazelnut, Peanut Butter, Pistachio,
Peppermint, Salted Caramel and White Chocolate Brandied Cherry.

*The 16 Piece Box will include all flavors, the 9 Piece Box will have a random assortment.

To place an order please email


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