Rainbow Cheesecake

Rainbow cheesecake is so cool! All you need to do is take any pale colored cheesecake recipe, can be vanilla, or have citrus zest, spices or maybe a little rum in it.


Divide it into 6 bowls, dye each bowl of batter a different color then starting with either red or purple pour into a springform pan with a crust of your choosing that has already been baked.

Poured cheesecake layers

Pour right in the center, the colors will push each other out to make the layers. Then bake as your recipe instructs, or use my New York cheesecake recipe and do as I instruct! You can do all kinds of variations, different colors, polka dots, or you can take a tooth pick swirl it all together and make a tie dye cheesecake. Just make sure and have fun, it’s just a cheesecake!

Rainbow with sour cream top

Sometimes the top of a cheesecake is not so pretty. I like to disguise them with sour cream topping or a thick caramel sauce.


Dripping caramel


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