Happy Maine Maple Sunday!


Heading to the sap house soon! I am sending Jesse right now with caramels, truffles and Giffords vanilla ice cream. I’m going to go to a couple places with my mom then meet up with some friends and head over! I LOVE MAPLE SYRUP!!!



One thought on “Happy Maine Maple Sunday!

  1. Hi. Thanks for introducing yourselves by following our site. This post is wonderful. I wish we lived closer to Portland to visit your shop. Even though we currently live in India we’re Yankees at heart, and do so miss maple syrup. Did you guys hear anything about this interesting piece of news?: http://raxacollective.wordpress.com/2012/12/19/they-always-get-their-man/

    Also, if you use facebook please visit and hopefully “like” the RAXA Collective page. We post complimentary photos etc on it. See you there!


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