Pumpkin Carving!!

Every year we have an annual pumpkin carving get together. Everyone brings a pumpkin and I bring treats and cider. Nothing beats warm mulled cider. Well almost nothing, coffee at 6 am trumps everything. For treats last year I brought candy bars, the child in our circle of friends ate a bit too many and was off the wall! I had the worst tummy ache afterwards. So this year by request I made pumpkin spice cake. Jesse requested this and in the 8 years we have been together he has probably only ever requested sweets maybe 10 times. So whenever he does I almost always say yes. I made a 10″ cake and cupcake/muffins with dried cranberries and chocolate chips added.

We ate them too quickly to get photos after they baked.



Jessie’s Muppet Themed Pumpkin!

20121022-113657.jpg My pumpkin was supposed to be Medusa but that didn’t work out so well.


20121022-113751.jpg Pearl Jones did an amazing swirled pumpkin!

20121022-113913.jpg Ann Lam being a true artist with her abstract pumpkin.

20121022-114018.jpgMadeline’s Pumpkin! By far the best!

20121022-114113.jpg Erica’s pumpkin…the scary one!!


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