Chocolate Truffles

Some of our truffle flavors are: Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate , Salted Caramel , Cake Batter , Peanut Butter , Hazelnut, Peppermint Patty , Earl Grey , Orange Vanilla Bean , Lemon Cardamom Pistachio , Key Lime Pie , Coconut Rum , Rosewater, Cookies + Cream , Triple Espresso , Raspberry, Stout, Amaretto, Champagne, Spicy Cayenne, Cranberry, Passion Fruit and Cinnamon.

We have 3 sizes, a 5 piece for $7.50, a 9 piece for $13.75 and a 16 piece for $24.00

We are located at 400 Lewiston Road, Topsham, Maine (also known as Route 196).

Contact us at or call Renee at 207-406-2529 to place an order.



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