Renee (Landry) Lohrey

I was born in Farmington, Maine the youngest of seven (yours, mine and ours). I learned to cook as a child but really fell in love with it when I took a specialty foods class in high school (thank you Mrs. Firth!). I graduated from Mt. Blue H.S. in 2005 and moved to San Francisco to attend California Culinary Academy where I studied baking and pastry arts.

I went through a cheesecake phase in high school but currently my favorite dessert to make and to eat and is salted caramel ice cream. Soooooo good!

My goal has always been to own and work in a bakery of my own where I can be creative and make good food. This is a shared dream with Jesse – and we work well together. He’s the logical, patient one and I’m all impulse — he keeps my “creativity” from getting too out of control. I want a place where you can relax and have a coffee and pastry. Or, maybe pick up dessert for the night, cakes for special events and special treats to give as gifts. And, I love to make wedding cakes — working with the bride and groom on a personalized design that makes the day really special. I can’t wait!

2 thoughts on “Renee

  1. What a dynamic duo! I left Renee’s creative genius up to the task of designing my baby shower cake. I was so surprised and pleased with the result! She nailed the design and the delectable taste. You can’t go wrong with Landry’s Confections!


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